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Art becomes a game when playing by conventional rules. Emilia Ortiz uses collage to enhance reality in each of her works, beginning with images produced in a cultural exchange and then engaged with by individual experience.  The collage are assembled by the artist’s personal selection from among various currently available social products, resources and images.  Far from being limited to the possibilities fo the brush, the artist extends her creativity by way of elements provided by the society of the times.

Abstract from Emilia Ortiz, Pintora del siglo XX. Lourdes Pacheco Ladrón de Guevara, Miguel González Lomelí and Juan Ávila Lamas. Gobierno del Estado de Nayarit/ CONACULTA.2011

Por otro lado, realizó dibujos a lápiz o carbón  sobre papel blanco, que posteriormente recortó y pegó sobre papel negro. Ésta técnica le sirvió para realizar composiciones tonales del blanco al negro, utilizando el gris para remarcar volúmenes y trazos. 

Esta serie se caracteriza por dibujos de la vida cotidiana.

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