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Undoubtable, surrealism represents one of the major aesthetic revolutions of the 20th century, with its emphasis on dreams, eroticism, dark humor and a reevaluation of primitive art.  In this vein, Emilia Ortiz passed through a surrealist period focusing on two themes: the satirical, and oneiric dreamscapes.  

In the words of Rodrigo Lozano, The surrealist paintings of Emilia Ortiz demonstrate the freedom of painting and the mastery of craft:  “She is no stranger, the great painter, to surrealism.  Who, moved by various disquietudes, left to grow across the years-  and epochs-has left us with her impressions of the dream world in her paintings that are at the same time both real and unreal, logical and incongruent, waking life and delirious fantasy?”

Abstract from Emilia Ortiz, Pintora del siglo XX. Lourdes Pacheco Ladrón de Guevara, Miguel González Lomelí and Juan Ávila Lamas. Gobierno del Estado de Nayarit/ CONACULTA.2011

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