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When considering the work of Emilia Ortiz, one observes to a large extent, that the work is intimately related to social concerns.  This can be best appreciated in the many subjects, forms and the intended thrust of these works.  Intended to be works that express clear editorial themes, of denunciation and of solidarity, with the societal and the social being that deeply moved the very fibers of her being.  

It is here that the poetic paintings of Dona Emilia “pure creations of the spirit”, portray a world of horror and chaos, of the inhumane, which throws us into a freewill that finds its only redemption in our forging anew something we didn’t experience before, something akin to the creative act of art itself, offspring of passion and contemplation, and committed to the work itself.

Abstract fromEmilia Ortiz, Pintora del siglo XX. Lourdes Pacheco Ladrón de Guevara, Miguel González Lomelí and Juan Ávila Lamas. Gobierno del Estado de Nayarit/ CONACULTA.2011 

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