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The work of Emilia Ortiz emerges out of Mexico like an explosive echo, created in intimacy, at times whispering, without great fanfare, without public acclaim, but complete in its dazzling grandeur (…)

On the painter: Hers was a journey more of self-taught talents than of  the academy.  A frenzy of lyricism wedding seascapes with rugged terrain, fauna, flora and stones as in a dream or the real, solar skies, pleasant perfumes and people, of faces and their bodily forms, of ancestors or us today.

Experimentations in humorous surrealism and the ironic born out of her earlier caricatures; followed by incursions into abstraction with its rigorous colors, lines and spirit.  From expressionism to geometrism, but always and radically Emilia Ortiz in poetic self-style, where the expressiveness of the painting bursts like a spring from a magical breath of everydayness and surprise.



Luis Mario Schneider

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