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The Linea Negra series consist of predominantly thick marks made with permanent black ink, executed with great figurative freedom almost bordering on abstraction, and filling the entirety of the paper, upon which she has applied flat primary color fields which suggest, at a distance, large leaded stain glass windows with scenes of urban apocalypse or intimate regions of our collective memories (…)

Emilia Ortiz chose the black line work to engage the social forces of the masses:  crowds of human beings, workers, women all in motion.  As if the industrial society could only be captured in this fashion, its complex experiences captured best in these concentrated massed images reflecting the same amassing nature of our own conscience.

Abstract from Emilia Ortiz, Pintora del siglo XX. Lourdes Pacheco Ladrón de Guevara, Miguel González Lomelí and Juan Ávila Lamas. Gobierno del Estado de Nayarit/ CONACULTA.2011

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